Starting out in FFXI can be daunting at first, Vanadiel is a big place! Forget Vanadiel even the starting cities are huge! So with that we would like to give some server specific advice and some general advice to get you off to a good start!
1st – Equip your nations ring if you started in the nation corresponding to your race!
2nd – Get signet from the gate guard on your way outside (this enables you to get conquest points and crystal drops)
3rd – Go outside the city and beat up some monsters! At level 1 you can kill even matches (when you check a monster using /check or keyboard shortcut ctr. + c) but as you level in your level 1 gear it will become weak for the relative strength of the monsters. To level the quickest when in the starter gear we suggest sticking with the basic monsters close to the city.
4th – You’re going to need some new gear once you get to about Lv8-11 but you’ll have no gil if you haven’t been questing/killing beastmen! If the auction house is busy by the time you read this then you can make money by selling items on the auction house but if not then it’s time to quest! To get that gil we suggest certain quests for each starting nation because they have slightly increased drop rates:
Windurst: Quest Name: Creepy Crawlies
Bastok: Quest Name: Smoke on the Mountain
San d’Oria: Quest Name: Fear of the Dark
These quests are repeatable, relatively easy to do and they reward gil. You might want to party with another player of the opposite class type (if you’re a warrior party with a white mage, etc) so that you can kill a lot more monsters and get more items. Once you’ve made a few thousand you should be able to buy gear from either the AH or NPCs whichever is offering the sword/wand and armor you need cheaper!
The websites referenced are great for more information on quests, missions, jobs, crafting etc!
Remember that FFXI Kupo is a 2004 server so some of the information is not relevant but the majority is. If you have any questions or just want to chat about FFXI feel free to drop into our IRC channel or the game Linkshell!