The rules and punishments will be carried out at the GMs discretion. Account bans will be given out for the most rash violations.
1. Dual boxing is allowed. No more than 2 accounts will be allowed per PC at one time.
2. Please do not share personal information. A GM will never ask for your personal info/account info etc.
3. If you share your account with another player your accounts will be linked and any disciplinary actions will be carried out on all linked accounts.
4. Exploiting or using a bug for personal gain is not allowed. All bugs should be reported to the staff through the forums asap.
5. Third party tools that are not sanctioned by the server are not allowed
6. Botting is strictly prohibited
7. Spamming chat so that no one can read it is not allowed
8. Impersonating GMs or SE staff is not allowed
9. RMT (Real Money Trade) is prohibited
10. No racism or hate speech.
Sanctioned third party tools:

Sanctioned addons:
Extra long macros (for equip changing)